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Welcome To Performance Engineering HVACR: a Grosse Pointe Heating, Cooling & Electrical Service

Performance Engineering has been a fully licensed and insured Mechanical (HVACR) and Electrical Contractor since 1990. We provide all types of residential, commercial and industrial heating, cooling and electrical sales and service. We offer a value driven method to our clients which results in a 96 percent overall customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Every job we do, whether its repair service or an installation, we provide a warranty that we will stand behind. Our quality of work is performed with pride in a Craftsman like manner.

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Grosse Pointe Heater and Refrigeration Repair & Consulting Services

We offer high quality products like Lennox, Bryant, Re-Verber-Ray and Gordon-Ray tube heaters, Lochinvar water heaters and boilers, HeatCraft refrigeration, CaptiveAire commercial hoods / fans for about the same cost as our competitors do using generic or no brand equipment.

Grosse Pointe Heater and Air Conditioner Installation Services

We can boast that we provide the neatest and most professional installations available anywhere because we do.We urge potential clients to contact our customers and ask questions; or to visit a past work site to see for themselves the quality of the work we provide. Moreover, the single most important detail about installing one of these products in your home or office is the installing contractor.

The Services We Provide in Grosse Pointe, Michigan:

Grosse Pointe HVAC Repair

Residential &
Commercial Forced Air Furnaces & Air Conditioning

Hot Water &
Steam Boilers

Roof Top HVAC

Hoods, Fans & Controls


Make Up &
Exhaust Air Systems


Generators &
Transfer Equipment

Service & Distribution Panel Installed

Construction & Additions

FREE In Home

Installation and Replacement of plugs, circuits & switches

Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Wiring

Heating & Cooling


Grosse Pointe Refrigeration and Heating Installation and Repair

Air Conditioning



Solar Power

Wind Power


Bio-Diesel & Waste Fuel Heater

Residential Services:Heating

Furnace Repair


Residential Services:Cooling

Air Conditioning

repair service

Indoor Air Quality

Electronic Air Cleaners

Digital Programmable Replacements
Air Condition
Hot Water Tank / Water Heater

All Makes and Models
Hot Water Tank /
Water Heater
Service Repair


Heating and Cooling

Roof Top Units


Walk in Coolers
repair service

Walk in Freezers
repair service

Self Contained

Reach in Cooler

Reach in Freezer



Condensing Units


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HISTORY OF Grosse Pointe

About Grosse Pointe, Michigan

The Pointe was heavily wooded and much of it was swampy, a description that appears to hold true for most of the territory around Detroit in the early days.

It began as a farming and hunting community, the women doing most of the farming, the men the hunting and trading. All farms had water frontage, usually three hundred feet, and they ran back about a mile. The houses were all on the water, for water was the first essential, both for drinking and transportation. This resulted in neighboring houses being close to each other along the lake, but probably not for mutual protection as many people believe.
Pontiac fought the English, Tecumseh – the Americans; but the great majority of the Indians around Detroit were at all times friendly to the French.

Just when Grosse Pointe received its name and what territory it included is unknown. The name was used long before the Americans took over in 1796, and it undoubtedly referred to the broad, flat point, which culminated at the Windmill Pointe lighthouse. The French word “grosse” has a meaning that lies between grande and grasse, and seems well applied to this blunt point. Furthermore, all of the point lying east of Jefferson, the “river road,” was the Grand Marais (Great Swamp), and the names Grosse Pointe and Grand Marais were used interchangeably for many years.

The first clearings on the waterfront were largely devoted to orchards, and what fame Grosse Pointe enjoyed up to 1850 attached mainly to them. A federal official visiting the Pointe in 1826 saw little else of merit except the view of the lake.

From 1850 to 1900 the lumbermen took away the woods and wealthy Detroit businessmen took away the lakefront. The early settlers do not appear to have benefited greatly from either operation.

For a half a century Grosse Pointe was Detroit’s foremost summer resort, bigger and better summer homes with impressive French names and unlimited scroll-saw trimmings. Blossomed on every road to the Pointe, although nearly impassable in wet weather, abounded in road houses famous for frog leg dinners and the relief of parched throats, the “Elegant Eighties” gave way to the “Gay Nineties,” and electric railways began to make the Pointe really accessible; then came automobiles and a good road and one decade saw Grosse Pointe become the year-round suburb of a rapidly growing city.

Subdivisions and villages were organized, the Great War caused a lull, but the “Mad Twenties” more than made up for it, and present day Grosse Pointe with its thousands of people, schools, clubs and lakefront parks came to occupy the wooded shores first seen by LaSalle and Father Louis Hennepin, when they christened Lake Sainte Clair three hundred years ago.