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Rooftop Units

Packaged Rooftop Units

Energence with Prodigy Control System

  • 3 to 50 Ton packaged rooftop units available
  • Saving Energy with Intelligence
  • Up to 17.0 SEER and up to 12.8 EER
  • Lowest total cost of ownership without compromising comfort
  • MERV 13 filters and factory installed UV germicidal lights
  • Corrosion resistant removable double slopped drain pan for servicing
  • Automatic belt tensioner (optional)
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2010 minimum standards by 30%
  • Prodigy controls ensure the most accurate setup

Landmark Series

  • 2 to 25 Tons
  • Up to 13.0 SEER, 11.4 EER and 11.4 IEER
  • Reliable, long lasting construction and excellent warranties guard against unexpected replacement and maintenance costs
  • Designed to achieve a low total cost of ownership
  • Common components and easy to maintain units
  • Stocked units and field installed accessories increase application flexibility
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant


  • High efficiency rooftop units
  • 3 to 24 ton packaged rooftop units available
  • Up to 16.1 SEER, up to 14.3 EER and up to 15.4 IEER
  • Available in 3, 5, 10, 20 and 24 tons
  • Integrated Modular Controller and integration with Lennox or third party automation systems
  • Standard features such as GFI service outlet, circuit breaker and swing-out economizer hood help save valuable installation and service time
  • Efficient operation

ENERGY STAR qualified

  • 15-Year limited warranty on stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 10-Year limited warranty on aluminized heat exchanger
  • 5-Year limited warranty on compressor
  • 3-Year limited warranty on Integrated Modular Controller
  • 1-Year limited warranty on covered parts

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Unit Heaters

Commercial Heaters

Modine Logo

93% AFUE Effinity PTC


Modine is pleased to introduce the Effinity 93. The most efficient gas fired unit heater in North America. Six models available from 135,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr. All models operate at 93% efficiency. The Effinity will Dramatically lower energy costs of gas or propane.Each unit will reduce CO2 output by about 13%.



Modines new tubular heat exchanger, separated combustion unit is specifically designed for environments with hostile atmospheric conditions, such as chemicals, high humidity or negative pressure. Built on their successful 'Hot Dawg' heater platform, this new line expands tubular heat exchanger coverage to units rated from 150,000 to 400,000 BTU/hr. On these units, combustion air is brought in from outside the heated area, either from outdoor air or from an adjacent room. This eliminates the need to use contaminated indoor air for combustion.

80% PDP(Propeller) / BDP (Blower)

Modine PDP/BDP

High efficiency gas-fired unit heaters are a generation of products that are inexpensive to install, easy to use, and offer excellent in-service economy. Power exhaust can be vented horizontally or vertically. Electronic intermittent ignition system for added efficiency. Easy to access lower section for servicing and cleaning. Level hanging mechanism for easy field adjustments after adding accessories that may change the unit's center of gravity

Indoor Gravity Duct Furnace

Designed for use with buildings, heating/cooling and make up air systems. Available in 11 models sizes from 75,000 to 400,000 BTU/hr. Gas or Propane can be used. Airflow direction can be specified when ordering the unit. Duct furnace is certified for location either upstream or downstream from cooling coils and has a drain pan that allows connections to a condensate drain line.

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Water Heaters

Lochinvar logo 

Charger Series

Lochinvar Charger Series Water Heater
  • Metal vented
  • 80% Thermal Efficiency
  • 65,000 - 500,000 Btu/Hr
  • Multi-Flue Design
  • Durable Fused Glass Lining
  • Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • Automatic Vent Damper
  • Low Nox Operation Available

Charger Power Direct

Lochinvar Charger Power Direct Water Heater
  • PVC Vented
  • 80 % Thermal Efficiency
  • 150,000 - 250,000 Btu/Hr
  • Independent PVC Venting
  • Automatic Induced Draft Blower
  • Durable Fused Glass Lining
  • Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • Low NOx Option Available
  • In stock in 24 hours

Power Fin

Lochinvar Power Fin Water Heater
  • Up to 87% Thermal Efficiency
  • 500,000 - 2,000,000 Btr/Hr.
  • Infinite Modulation (2:1 or 5:1 Firing Turndown)
  • SMART SYSTEM Control
  • Heavy Duty, Gasketless Heat Exchanger
  • Multiple Venting Solutions including Direct Vent
  • Category I,II or IV Venting
  • Low Inlet Gas Pressure Operation
  • Package with Lock-Temp Tank

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Commercial Refrigeration products include:

Indoor / Outdoor Condensing Units

Ideal for Convenience Stores, Florists, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Churches, Clubs thru 6 HP air cooled condensing units with HyperCore coil technology providing decreased leaks and increased corrosion protection and reduced refrigerant charge All units come standard with PSC motors / optional variable speed EC motors. Corrosion resistant painted steel cabinets,Service valves,Receiver with fusible plug – liquid shutoff valve and charging port,Available in Scroll and Reciprocating compressor,120 / 240 / 480 v. 1 and 3 phase


New style low profile air defrost unit coolers are designed for maximum capacity while consuming a minimum of headroom. These units are suitable for use with R-22, R-507,or R-404A. The units are only 15" high and are designed to mount flush with the top ofthe cooler. 120/240 v. 1 and 3 phase .Surface Mount is the compact, ceiling mount, with only an 8 5/8" height that provides maximum headroom in a commercial freezer. The center mount allows for product to bestacked all around while air flow distributes evenly throughout the box.120/240 v. 1 and 3 phase.

Walk – In Boxes

We can design and build any style cooler

Other products

  • Reach in equipment
  • Cold tables
  • Dough retarders
  • Merchandisers
  • Ice machines
  • Pop Coolers
  • Ice Cream Machines
  • Blast Freezers
  • Spiral Freezers

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Hoods & Fans

Type I Kitchen Hood

Make Up

Designed for all types of cooking equipment Fabricated of heavy weight type 430 polished stainless steel Fitted with 16" high, UL classified, aluminum baffle filters, removable for cleaning Grease trough drains into removable ½ pint grease cup UL pre-wired light fixtures and tempered glass globes to hold 100 watt bulb Built in 3" air space to meet NFPA 96 clearance to combustible wall Available in Island canopy style.

Up blast Cube Fan

Kitchen Hood

Heavy duty construction Durable and weather resistant Non-overloading backward inclined wheels fabricated from 3003-H14 aluminum . Wall or roof mount applications High efficiency low speed results in quite operation Standard emergency/service switch 120 / 240 /480 v. 1 or 3 phase

Utility Fan

Up Blast Cube Fan

Heavy duty construction Full AMCA Class 1 operation Vented motor cover for weather protection Discharge position can be easily rotated 45 degrees in the field Available in CCW or CW rotation Corrosion resistant enamel finish 120 / 240 / 480 v. 1 or 3 phase

Make Up Air Compact

Utility Fan

Weatherproof design Horizontal or down discharge applications Full perimeter roof curb Vibration isolation to minimize noise transfer into conditioned space 2" washable filters Inlet screen to keep out animals and debris High efficient motors 120 / 240 / 480 1 and 3 phase G90 galvanized components Easy accessibility for servicing and cleaning

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Radiant Heaters

Series features
  • Mount in any position
  • Pollution free
  • Vent free
  • Virtually instant heat
  • No gas line required
  • Simple to wire




Electric infra-red heaters are the cleanest method of heating an area. Ideal for applications where gas is not available or impractical. Electric infra-red heaters are the answer to applications where ventilation is not available.

High Intensity, Gas Fired, Unvented Infra-Red HeatersRadiant Heat

  • Used in areas with high air infiltration, high ceilings and/or spot heating applications.
  • Available in configurations ranging from 30 to 160 MBTU/H with 3 different control options.
  • No Venting
  • High intensity
  • Great as loading dock heaters
  • Not for residential use
  • infrared


Single-Stage, Economical Infra-Red Tube Heater

  • Streamlined for economy and designed for performance
  • Quality heater at the most economical price
  • Utilizing a direct spark ignition system and hot rolled steel radiant tubes,
  • Series represents the best in this class of equipment
  • 50,000 to 200,000 btu fits almost any applictation
  • Natural or propane gas
  • 20' to 60' systems
  • Highly reflexive shieds provide excellent coverage while simple to maintian


Radiant Infra-Red Tube and Module Heaters

Ideal for shops, warehouses and loading docks.

A gas fired infra-red heating system emulates the efficiency of the sun by generating radiant energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path.  Once the infra-red energy is absorbed by the floors, machinery, stock and people, it is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding air.

This method of heating, as opposed to filling a room with warm air (such as a forced air unit) allows the source of heat to begin at the floor level and not the ceiling.  This makes it the most efficient and effective method in which to heat under the diverse conditions present in warehouses, storerooms and even the most immense structures imaginable.

Infra-Red Tube HeaterThe HL3 Series couples the energy savings of two-stage technology with the highest quality features available in any infra-red heating equipment. Features include a specially designed stainless steel burner and titanium and/or aluminized steel, black coated combustion and radiant tubes. The benefits of the HL3 Series include superior fuel economy, superior comfort levels and equipment longevity.

The Two-Stage HL3 Series represents the BEST in performance and quality!

High Intensity, Gas Fired, Unvented Infra-Red HeatersThe DR Series is commonly used in areas with high air infiltration, high ceilings and/or spot heating applications.  The DR Series is available in a multitude of configurations, ranging from 30 to 160 MBTU/H with 3 different control options.

The DR Series of infra-red heaters is ideal in applications where unvented high intensity heat offers design benefits or is preferred.  The DR Series is also ideal for unvented spot heating applications.

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Waste Oil Heaters

Why heat with waste oil?

From large fleet operators to small businesses. Everyone benefits from clean, cost-efficient waste oil heat. FREE Heat! Fed up with high heating costs? As energy prices climb, waste oil heat is gaining popularity. Not only does waste oil heat reduce your heating bills, it also eliminates the cost to haul used oil off-site. Waste oil heaters usually pay for themselves in 12-18 months, and a warmer shop can lead to higher productivity. Used oil is all you need to save thousands of dollars each year.

Protect & Conserve Natural Resources

Burning waste oil to obtain "free" heat is an environmentally friendly way to deal with one of the industry's major pollution problems. By turning a waste product into a valuable fuel, you help to conserve natural energy sources and protect water and soil resources from oil pollution. Emissions are similar to burning standard fuel oil, plus on-site recycling reduces the chance of accidental spills, improper disposal, and vehicle emissions generated during transport of the used oil off-site.

End Cradle-to-Grave Liability

The liability for proper disposal of used oil extends from the moment it drains into your oil pan until it is processed or burned. This includes any accidental spills or intentional dumping by a used oil hauler. However, the U.S. EPA exempts the generator from that liability when used oil is recycled on-site for energy recovery. By burning used oil in Lanair heaters in accordance with EPA regulations, you eliminate superfund liability and uninsured expense, while gaining an economical source of heat.

NEW! Waste Oil now available

MXD-300 Ducted 300,000 btuh
300,000 btuh
MX 250

250,000 btuh

200,000 btuh
MXD 200

200,000 Btuh
150,000 btuh

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