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93% AFUE Effinity PTC


Modine is pleased to introduce the Effinity 93. The most efficient gas fired unit heater in North America. Six models available from 135,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr. All models operate at 93% efficiency. The Effinity will Dramatically lower energy costs of gas or propane.Each unit will reduce CO2 output by about 13%.



Modines new tubular heat exchanger, separated combustion unit is specifically designed for environments with hostile atmospheric conditions, such as chemicals, high humidity or negative pressure. Built on their successful ‘Hot Dawg‘ heater platform, this new line expands tubular heat exchanger coverage to units rated from 150,000 to 400,000 BTU/hr. On these units, combustion air is brought in from outside the heated area, either from outdoor air or from an adjacent room. This eliminates the need to use contaminated indoor air for combustion.

80% PDP(Propeller) / BDP (Blower)

Modine PDP/BDP

High efficiency gas-fired unit heaters are a generation of products that are inexpensive to install, easy to use, and offer excellent in-service economy. Power exhaust can be vented horizontally or vertically. Electronic intermittent ignition system for added efficiency. Easy to access lower section for servicing and cleaning. Level hanging mechanism for easy field adjustments after adding accessories that may change the unit’s center of gravity

Indoor Gravity Duct Furnace

Designed for use with buildings, heating/cooling and make up air systems. Available in 11 models sizes from 75,000 to 400,000 BTU/hr. Gas or Propane can be used. Airflow direction can be specified when ordering the unit. Duct furnace is certified for location either upstream or downstream from cooling coils and has a drain pan that allows connections to a condensate drain line.