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Why heat with waste oil?

From large fleet operators to small businesses. Everyone benefits from clean, cost-efficient waste oil heat. FREE Heat! Fed up with high heating costs? As energy prices climb, waste oil heat is gaining popularity. Not only does waste oil heat reduce your heating bills, it also eliminates the cost to haul used oil off-site. Waste oil heaters usually pay for themselves in 12-18 months, and a warmer shop can lead to higher productivity. Used oil is all you need to save thousands of dollars each year.

Protect & Conserve Natural Resources

Burning waste oil to obtain “free” heat is an environmentally friendly way to deal with one of the industry’s major pollution problems. By turning a waste product into a valuable fuel, you help to conserve natural energy sources and protect water and soil resources from oil pollution. Emissions are similar to burning standard fuel oil, plus on-site recycling reduces the chance of accidental spills, improper disposal, and vehicle emissions generated during transport of the used oil off-site.

End Cradle-to-Grave Liability

The liability for proper disposal of used oil extends from the moment it drains into your oil pan until it is processed or burned. This includes any accidental spills or intentional dumping by a used oil hauler. However, the U.S. EPA exempts the generator from that liability when used oil is recycled on-site for energy recovery. By burning used oil in Lanair heaters in accordance with EPA regulations, you eliminate superfund liability and uninsured expense, while gaining an economical source of heat.

NEW! Waste Oil now available

MXD-300 Ducted 300,000 btuh
300,000 btuh
MX 250

250,000 btuh

200,000 btuh
MXD 200

200,000 Btuh
150,000 btuh