Radiant Heaters

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Series features
  • Mount in any position
  • Pollution free
  • Vent free
  • Virtually instant heat
  • No gas line required
  • Simple to wire




Electric infra-red heaters are the cleanest method of heating an area. Ideal for applications where gas is not available or impractical. Electric infra-red heaters are the answer to applications where ventilation is not available.

High Intensity, Gas Fired, Unvented Infra-Red HeatersRadiant Heat

  • Used in areas with high air infiltration, high ceilings and/or spot heating applications.
  • Available in configurations ranging from 30 to 160 MBTU/H with 3 different control options.
  • No Venting
  • High intensity
  • Great as loading dock heaters
  • Not for residential use
  • infrared


Single-Stage, Economical Infra-Red Tube Heater

  • Streamlined for economy and designed for performance
  • Quality heater at the most economical price
  • Utilizing a direct spark ignition system and hot rolled steel radiant tubes,
  • Series represents the best in this class of equipment
  • 50,000 to 200,000 btu fits almost any applictation
  • Natural or propane gas
  • 20′ to 60′ systems
  • Highly reflexive shieds provide excellent coverage while simple to maintian


Radiant Infra-Red Tube and Module Heaters

Ideal for shops, warehouses and loading docks.

A gas fired infra-red heating system emulates the efficiency of the sun by generating radiant energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path.  Once the infra-red energy is absorbed by the floors, machinery, stock and people, it is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding air.

This method of heating, as opposed to filling a room with warm air (such as a forced air unit) allows the source of heat to begin at the floor level and not the ceiling.  This makes it the most efficient and effective method in which to heat under the diverse conditions present in warehouses, storerooms and even the most immense structures imaginable.

Infra-Red Tube HeaterThe HL3 Series couples the energy savings of two-stage technology with the highest quality features available in any infra-red heating equipment. Features include a specially designed stainless steel burner and titanium and/or aluminized steel, black coated combustion and radiant tubes. The benefits of the HL3 Series include superior fuel economy, superior comfort levels and equipment longevity.

The Two-Stage HL3 Series represents the BEST in performance and quality!

High Intensity, Gas Fired, Unvented Infra-Red HeatersThe DR Series is commonly used in areas with high air infiltration, high ceilings and/or spot heating applications.  The DR Series is available in a multitude of configurations, ranging from 30 to 160 MBTU/H with 3 different control options.

The DR Series of infra-red heaters is ideal in applications where unvented high intensity heat offers design benefits or is preferred.  The DR Series is also ideal for unvented spot heating applications.