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High Effieciency Gas

Lochinvar High efficiency
  • Metal vented
  • Tall & Short Models
  • 30,000 – 85,000 Btu/Hr
  • 30 – 65 Gallon Models Equipped with Shield Combustion
  • Low NOx Burner
  • NAECA Compliant
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Durable Fused Glass Lining
  • Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • In Stock


Lochinvar PVC Vented
  • Power Direct Vent -Sealed Combustion
  • 60,000 – 70,000 Btu/Hr
  • Fast Recovery & First Hour Delivery
  • 50, 65 & 75 Gallon Capacities
  • Low NOx Burner
  • Intermittent Spark Ignition
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Durable Fused Glass Lining
  • In Stock

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(NATURAL GAS and PROPANE models only)

Noritz offers a full-line of tankless gas Water Heaters for all residential applications.

NR111-SV, NR111-OD, NR111-DV

Noritz Water Heater

The NR111 series is best suited for larger homes with multiple high flow shower heads, body sprays and large Jacuzzi-sized bath tubs, that often run at the same time. With features like coated copper heat exchangers to prevent deterioration and internal piping 25% thicker than base models to extend product life, these heavy duty residential tankless water heaters are manufactured to last. In addition, NR111 series is Quick-Connect compatible and has a Turbo-Flow feature for higher hot water flow, ensuring an endless supply of hot water for you and your family.

NR98-SV, NR98-OD, NR98-DV, NR98-DVC, NR71-SV, NR71-OD, NR66-SV, NR66-OD

Noritz Water Heater 2

The NR66 and NR77 series is perfect for smaller sized homes that usually contain 1-3 showers. For heavier residential demand, the NR98 and NRC111 series can comfortably accommodate homes with 3 showers and is Quick-Connect compatible-which can double the hot water capacity if needed. The NR98 and NRC111 series contain commercial grade heat exchangers with 25% thicker copper piping than other brands and is equipped with a dual flame burner which enables the units to boost output at higher flow rates, while reducing the minimum required flow rate for each unit.


Using 100% stainless concentric venting (5″ outer/3″ inner), zero clearance, single wall penetration, adjustable vent pieces, adjustable wall-mount brackets, built-in remote – exclusive 12-yr warranty on heat exchanger/5-yr parts/1-yr labor.

Hydronic Boilers Asme Certified

Noritz is the first tankless water heater manufacturer to introduce tankless hydronic boilers. These units are specifically designed for heating, therefore they are designed to be extremely durable from constant use. The NH series (NH199-DV and NH150-DV) hydronic boilers share the same features as our residential and commercial tankless hot water heaters: energy efficient, environmentally friendly and engineered to provide endless hot water for all applications. Significantly smaller in size, Noritz tankless hydronic boilers weigh only 66 pounds whereas a conventional boiler weighs over 300 pounds. They also offer 9 temperature settings (140-180oF) for hydronic heating in your home. Perfect for high temperature applications such as cast-iron radiators and baseboard heating.

Hydronic Heating Applications

The NH series provides quiet and constant room temperature comfort in the home for various heating choices, such as panel radiators and baseboards. Benefits of hydronic heating is allergens or dust will not be re-circulated in the home as with dry hot-air furnaces, the warmth is extremely comfortable and gentle, and very energy efficient. Noritz tankless hydronic boilers warm objects in a room, providing a higher level of warmth and comfort.

Features include: State-of-the-Art Heating Controls, Dual Temperature Controls, Fully Modulating Controls, and a Self-Diagnostic System


Always Hot

Noritz tankless gas heaters heats water on demand and provide hot water to any application in a few seconds. An advanced electronic control system ensures an endless hot water supply without temperature fluctuations. Highly efficient, these units can save up to half in gas water heating bills.


The NR98, NRC111, and NR111 series are Quick-Connect capable. To double hot water capacity, a single cable can connect two identical models side-by-side and be controlled by one digital remote controller. (not available on the NR71 and NR66 series)


Dual Flame Burner

Newly designed Noritz commercial hot water heaters are capable of boosting output at higher flow rates, while reducing the minimum required flow rate for each unit. Our next generation dual-flame burner technology is the first and only in the tankless industry. With state-of-the-art gas combustion technology, these burners maximize output and provide temperature stability, while maintaining low emissions. (not available on the NR71 and NR66 series)

Super Heat Exchanger

The new super heat exchanger has many advantages that set it apart from others in the tankless industry. It was re-engineered to increase thermal efficiency and made smaller to maximize installation flexibility. The piping is also 25% thicker to help prevent condensation and erosion, ensuring a longer life capacity. (not available on the NR71 and NR66 series)


Noritz’s revolutionary PC board is at the heart of its tankless technology. The new super heat exchanger and dual-flame burner work together with the PC board to provide the user with higher flow rates, efficiency and durability, while remaining eco-friendly. The controls are lacquer coated to help prevent any deterioration of circuit elements and an on-board memory chip stores an error code history for easy maintenance monitoring.